The question of the good life is increasingly moving back into the focus of political and scientific debate. While pointing towards a millennia‐old human quest, the recent linking of the good life to the pursuit of sustainable development has reinvigorated the debate. While the discussion of determinants and indicators of the good life is interesting and worthwhile, the actual creation of sustainable societies on the basis of a common understanding of the good life, or more likely multiple understandings under a broad set of principles, is more than challenging. The relationship between much of what is called sustainable development in current political, economic and societal discourse and the good life may be considered debatable.

Sustainable consumption research has shown that we will have to discuss the weaknesses of the current politico‐economic structures and institutions and inquire into the potential of alternatives, if we are serious about pursuing sustainable consumption. Modifications and alternatives need to be developed and discussed. At the same time, we should not forget that what constitutes a good life needs to be a function of societal debate and deliberation.

The workshop aims to provide a forum for in-depth discussions on the good life in the context of sustainable consumption. It will be hosted at the Institute of Political Science in Muenster, 21st-22nd of March 2013. The Organization committee includes Frances Fahy, Doris Fuchs, Antonietta Di Giulio, Sylvia Lorek and Martin Schweighofer.


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