Maurie Cohen
International Political Economy and the Good Life

Anna Davies
Guiding Good Food

Stephan Engelkamp
Mauss meets modernity. What drives unsustainable consumption?

Doris Fuchs & Antonietta Di Giulio
The Good Life and Consumption Corridors

Katharina Glaab
Ideas of the Good Life in Religious Actors’ Sustainable Development Communications

Kersty Hobson
The Socio-Material and the Good Life

Ortrud Lessmann
From Sustainable Consumption to the Quest for a Good Life

Sylvia Lorek
Taking the Sustainable Consumption Lens Seriously

Michael Maniates
The Trojan Horse of Libertarian Paternalism

Ines Omann
Starting from the Inside

Lena Partzsch
Sustainable Consumption, the Good Life, an (No) Power Change

Tom Princen
Fossil Fuel Consumption: Good Life?

Kate Soper
Sustainable Consumption and the ‘Dialectics of Progress’

Philip Vergragt
A Possible Way Out of the Sustainability Crisis


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