Good Life Workshop 2013

BildAn international workshop on “Structural Prerequisites for Sustainable Societies and the Good Life – Taking the Sustainable Consumption Lens Seriously” took place at the University of Muenster on March 21-22, 2013. The workshop inquired into the possibilities and conditions of a common vision of a Good Life, the structural changes needed to allow the societal development and pursuit of such a vision, and the most promising political intervention points on behalf of a societal transformation towards sustainable consumption and the Good Life. Debate centered also especially on the relevance of power in sustainable consumption research and governance and the potential and limits for a diffusion and mainstreaming of local or regional sustainable initiatives. A summary of the workshop’s results will be published here soon.


We are glad you made your way to our feature blog covering the Sustainable Governance and SCORAI Europe workshop The Search for the Good Life¬†at the Institute of Political Science in Muenster, 21st-22nd of March 2013. We invite you to visit this site, which is the event’s central platfrom and will be filled with the latest information on the workshop’s contents and organizational details. Please note that all contributions on this site are not quotable.

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